Stuff to Leave Behind When Moving

Every move means packing the boxes, loading the truck and hauling your stuff to your new home. Hopefully, you have the services of a moving company to handle this burden for you. Regardless of your moving method, there are some things you definitely do not want to pack and bring with you. Let’s take a look at the stuff you own, but should leave behind.

1. Food. Most food items are not suitable for a move. Definitely not allowed are perishables as these items will never survive your move, dry ice or not. Food is best consumed before you leave or is donated. Even if your moving company permits some type of food items, the cost of moving same just isn’t worth it. So, donate your excess food to your local food bank and ask for a receipt for tax purposes.

2. Flammables. Paint, benzene, acetone, ethyl alcohol, gasoline, and petroleum ether all fall under the “flammables” umbrella. These items should never be packed because if ignited, they’ll do serious damage. Obtain a list of forbidden items from your moving company advises the North American Moving Company.

3. Firearms. Your collection of guns and rifles are important to you, but you aren’t permitted to transport them or at least it may not be recommended to do so. Your moving company will outline their policy, so follow it carefully. You might take your firearms with you in your vehicle, but make sure you have licenses, otherwise you could get into trouble if pulled and your car searched during a stop.

4. Cash and collectables. Your moving company is not a bank on wheels and should not be treated as such. Therefore, when it comes to your cash and collectibles (such as a coin collection), take these with you. Cash is nearly impossible to replace so consider other ways of moving money.

5. Family photos and other precious mementoes. Your pictures can be packed and shipped, but are you will to risk that? The same can be said for certain mementoes, items with an intrinsic value that cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Even if allowed, you may find you’ll have greater peace of mind by taking these items with  you.

6. Negotiable papers. Stocks, bonds and other negotiable papers shouldn’t be shipped via your moving company, even if not expressly disallowed. Along with other important personal papers — deeds, wills, contracts, and the like — you’ll want to keep  these documents with you. The same can be said about your moving contract.

7. Your pets. Seriously, who would even attempt to ship an animal via a moving truck? Fortunately, there are better ways to ship your pets, typically by car or by air. In these examples. third parties can handle the work, ensuring that your pet arrives at her destination and in the best condition possible.

Making Your Move

Now that you know what items are disallowed or not recommended, you can work on the next area — decluttering everything else.

Chances are you own a number of items you haven’t used in some time. For instance, that lamp you meant to fix should be tossed or donated. The clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year should be given away. Essentially, anything in your home you haven’t used, worn or looked at in more than a year is fair game.

By reducing your inventory, you’ll also reduce your moving costs. Indeed, weight is a big factor in determining what you owe. Distance matters too, but when it comes down to it, weight is a major factor in your move under your control.

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