A Few Things to Understand Before Enrolling Your Kid into Swim Classes

So, you have finally decided registering your kid for regular swim sessions? Fantastic! There are many benefits of swimming lessons for kids and how they help toddlers in developing social, physical and emotional traits of their personalities.  This is the perfect time for you to search for a swim school near you. However, before attending your first swim lesson, there are certain aspects that you’ll need to know and understand. 

Firstly, there are a few things you need to bring along when taking your little one to their lesson:

·         Swim Attire: With many options to choose from for swim attire, we want to ensure that you and your tot arrive to lessons in clothing that is both comfortable and appropriate for their lesson. Whether it’s a one-piece suit with a swim cap, swim trunks and a rash guard, it is important that you arrive in the normal swim attire you would wear on the beach or in your backyard pool. We discourage swim shoes and non-swim attire such as jean shorts and t-shirts.
·         Diapers: For little ones that are not yet toilet trained, we require that they wear a disposable swim diaper and reusable diaper overtop. This is to help limit any bacteria that may enter the pool area in the event of an accidental bathroom incident during lessons.
·         Towel and Dry Clothing: When your child completes their swim lesson, they will be rinsed off and ready to greet you with a great big hug! Don’t forget a clean, dry towel to wrap around your kid and also some clothes to change into afterwards.

Secondly, there important aspects in which you will want to research prior to selecting a swim school:

·         Swim Instructors: While choosing a particular swim  school, it is important to research and know the expertise of the instructors that will be working with your children. They should be highly-trained and should know how to teach kids appropriately and ensure they are progressing. Making kids learn how to swim isn’t an easy task. Hence, the trainers at the club should be trained accordingly.
·         Facility: The swim facility where your child will be attending lessons should be properly built and structured to maximize their swim experience. The pool should be clean and properly guarded. Also, there should be a proper place for the parents to sit and keep an eye on their little ones.
·         Overall Experience: It is important for the swim school to be an experienced  and credible. It is important to enroll your kid in a swim location which has proper experience in the field for more than five years. This will simply ensure that your little ones are always in safe hands! 

Sending your kid to a swim school is a great way to ensure they learn the safety and importance of swimming interact with other children and to learn swim skills that will last a lifetime. However, as a parent, it is your duty to ensure that you are enrolling your kid into a safe place and that you are doing your all you can to ensure their well-being.

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