How Military Veterans Like Brendan Triplett Helps People?

Undoubtedly, soldiers and military veterans fight for the country to ensure the safety of the citizen from the intruders. This is the most common image portrayed in everyone’s mind with respect to the soldier. However, one sometimes forgets that mission of a soldier is not limited to fight with the intruders rather sometimes local communities also require assistance of the soldiers such as in disaster circumstances. Fighting from enemies is not always meant to harm them or kill them rather it is all about educate them about the kindness and win hearts of the people.

In the current scenario, not only intruders are big problem for the countries rather there are many insider enemies that cause problem in the peace process. One of such military veterans Brendan Triplett is the living legend who signifies the real sacrifice of a soldier. He has been severely injured in a combat and advised to go back but he denied and continue the fight just after recovering from the injury.

Further, in a next coma beat in Iraq, he saved lives of his comrades taking bullets from a machine gun. These all examples indicate that how selfless Brendan Triplett is when it comes to helping others. He knows what he has to do and how to make sure that he is doing his job perfectly. It all takes dedication and courage to step forward and help others. Being designated as sergeant, he had to make decision in combats.

Can he make the required developments in the society as well?

The biggest question that pops up in the mind is whether these soldiers and military veterans can bring positive development in the society or not. And if they are capable of bringing positive changes in the society, they will do it. People usually regard a soldier a man in uniform who saves lives of the people, who secures the border lines of a country and who restores the humanity in the society as well when it is required.

A veteran soldier is never out of duty rather he always acts in the betterment of the society no matter what role he/she is given to perform. After moving into a new location, he is translating his military life into civilian world but with a clear vision to help others at any cost.

The first preference for him is to volunteer them to help disabled veterans and athletes in society so that people can live a dignified life. Military veteran like Brendan Triplett indeed inspires others to come forward and engage in philanthropist work ensuring that people always help each other. The real mantra of a successful life is to be kind and heal each other to keep the humanity alive.

The job of a solider does not end when the uniform is put off and rifle is out down rather a soldier stays active throughout his/her life. People can learn about the sacrifices, courage and humanity from his life journey.

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