The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Diving into the water from a very steep and high cliff is the simplest definition of cliff diving. This is a dangerous and risky sport that should only be done by practiced athletes who have been trained to rise from extreme heights and land safely in the water underneath. Cliff divers have acrobatic skills and they are highly trained athletes. Today, all around the globe, there are cliff diving competitions held, including places like Brazil, Mexico and Greece. Red Bull, the maker of energy drink, runs one of the most dramatic events and competitions, with skilled cliff divers leaping off platforms or cliffs set up to 85-feet above oceans or lakes.

Established in 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, created by Red Bull, is an annual international series of cliff diving tournaments in which a fixed number of competitors determine the winner of Cliff Diving World Series. Cliff divers jump from a cliff at a height ranging from 85-92 feett (26–28 m).

Considered to be one of the most advanced divers in the World Series, Gary Hunt' srepertory consists of the triple quad, the first dive exclusively conceived for cliff diving, which packs in four twists, three somersaults and has a DD of 6.2.

The history of diving off from cliffs goes back nearly 250 years to the Hawaiian Islands. It is said that the king of Maui, Kahekili II, would force his men to soar feet first off a cliff to land in the water underneath. It was a convention to show their king that they were loyal, fearless and bold. Later on, cliff diving evolved into a competition under king Kamehameha, with participants being judged for attitude and style, with an emphasis on not making much sound of splash when they jumped into the water.

Without Proper Training, Do Not Try Cliff Diving.

Cliff divers are highly skilled and trained divers. Gary Hunt, who has been a part of the Red Bull cliff-high diving world for some years, stresses the need for an extensive training and sound technical education before taking the first dive off a platform or cliff. He suggests to starting the diving career in pools and slowly increase the height of one's dives. He himself is the winner of 25 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series competitions till now.

Control of both mind and body is necessary when cliff diving. Cliff divers who are highly skilled know to check out the areas carefully before making the dive. Among other things, this includes, checking the height of the cliff at where one will dive, the depth of the water and the rocks, the wave action, and other obstacles underwater and on the side of the cliff. It is highly advisable to check with local people.

The annual Red Bull Cliff Diving competition draws hundreds of audiences and spectators to the sites from all around the globe. The dives are acrobatic in technique, and spectators hold their collective breath as the athletes take off from pictorial rocks of platforms set high on cliffs and hills.

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