Tops 12 Shots That A Bride Must Have On Her Wedding Day

Your wedding album is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions of all times. A perfectly shot album portrays the plethora of emotions that rule the special day so that you can easily relive all of them later anytime you want. In Delhi, there is no shortage of talented wedding photographers  who can precisely capture every moment of your big day. A candid wedding photographer may not even make you realize that you are been shot and gets the most unadulterated expressions. However, it will be wise on your part to let him/her know beforehand which particular shots you would like to have in your album. This way, you will make sure that there is no disparity between your expectations and reality and can relax and enjoy your D-day.
Here is our list of top 12 shots that you must have in your photo book:
Bridal attire: Whether you are wearing a majestic lehenga or a pristine gown, click photos of the dress before you actually wear it. You have spent a fortune on the special number and it makes every sense to make it the subject for a few shots.
Makeup and jewelry: Both these items are a bride’s best friends, which magically transform a plain Jane to a gorgeous diva. Have them photographed in groups or as standalone pieces. Photos of adornments, specific to married women like the mangal sutra, toe rings or chooda, are also a must have.
The ring: You may have numerous photos of your adorned hands with your engagement ring, but the one photo showcasing the ring as the subject is an absolute necessity.
Getting ready: Let your photographer click you while you get ready to showcase how you transform into a dazzling bride. You can also have a couple of shots halfway through your session while you relax with a mug of coffee.
Mehendi: You had to wait patiently for hours to let you mehendi artist create magic on your hands and feet. Now it is the time to show them off. Get photos of your heavily adorned manicured hands. Don’t forget to ask for shots of your feet showcasing that extraordinary bridal footwear, beautiful payal, and gorgeous mehendi or alta.

Bridal portrait: Once you are finished with your ‘getting ready’ session, wait for a few glossy cover-worthy portrait shots. Believe us; you may not get this type of image once you hit the mandap.
With your kith n kin: Take happy pictures with your parents, siblings and friends before the ceremony starts. Chances are that your near and dear ones will be misty eyed once ‘vidaai’ approaches.
With your pet: How can you forget your furry friend who has been an important part of your life? Get some adorable photos of you two clicked.
Baraat: This one photo you will surely don’t want to miss since you may not see your man riding a horse again in his life, while you wait for him with a garland at the entry. The dancing in-laws come as a bonus.
The important rituals: Right from your grand entry to varmala to pheras to kanyadaan – your Candid professional photographer will never miss any. However, remind him/her about these before the ceremony begins.
Stolen glances: Subtle romantic exchange of eyes between you two, amidst the large gathering of invitees, must be captured by your photographer. These cozy shots actually remind you that weddings are romantic affairs.
Heartwarming vidaai: This one is an absolute must. You may not normally like to see sad faces of your loved ones, but these pictures depict the bond that you share with each of them.
Your wedding is the once-in-a-lifetime affair for you and you will always cherish the memories of the same. Hence, it will be wise to pay attention to your wedding photography and not miss a single photo-worthy moment. Also you can hire the best photographers from canvera

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