How to Choose the Best Cloud Security Service Provider?

Cloud services are used by almost all business organizations whose businesses are dependent on networks and the internet. But, when a company uses such services, they are vulnerable and might be attacked by hackers and face breaches in their networks.
This can result in huge loss of personal data and sometimes, they are never recovered, causing the business organization to lose money and the hard work which was spent to create or acquire that data. Blue Coat is a company which provides cloud security services which protect your networks from any kind of harm to your cloud networks.

So, if you are confused in choosing the best cloud security service provider, the following will help you out,

1.AFFORDABILITY: When looking for the best cloud service provider, you will first have to keep your budget in mind. There’s always the best service provider in each price margin who provide several different packages for your convenience. Your job is to get the service which will give you the most for what you pay.

2.TYPE OF AUTHENTICATION: Cloud security service providers, provides multiple-factor authentication which is safer since, after you log in to the cloud service from your computer, there will be another verification process which will send you a one-time password in your contact number which you will have to enter for complete access. Smaller companies provide single-factor authentication.

3.ENCRYPT DATA: A cloud security service provider should be able to encrypt data, even when not in use and you will have control on the keys of such encryption. This adds to the safety of your network.

4.PREVENTION OF LOSS OF DATA: In many cases, there can be problems in the network which can delete important files or, hackers can breach the system security (since hacker’s skills improve every day). The company should be able to provide such facilities, so that even if a hacker gets into the system, he can’t steal or delete data.

5.BREACH DETECTION: A good service provider should also have the facilities which would detect any kind of breaches or if anyone is trying to get into the system by unfair means. Accordingly, the security system engineers will take special measures on-spot to deal with the matter.

6.FLEXIBLE: The best cloud security service provider like Blue Coat will be able to adjust and increase their security levels and range if case your company expands. You will be in need of more cloud services if your company’s size, employees or systems increases.

7.SUPPORT: In the case of any disputes or problems in security like, if an employee is unable to log-in even after putting the right passwords, there should be round the clock security services to resolve any of such disputes.

8.POPULARITY: There are several cloud security service provider available but, you should always try to choose the one, which even other companies like yours prefer. You can gather feedbacks from your colleagues or friends working in other companies to know the service they use and how good it is.

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