26 Things I know to be true person

If you look up and see the sky and then you look down and see the earth then it is obvious that you are making sense that you have the feelings of the things. All the things are made by the humans and it is simple that the visibility tells you the up and down but the sense that makes each thing to understand deeply.

Understanding yourself is very challenging and it is also very good for making the sense strong and the person that has the strong sense always have the happy life to live. In order to be true person one has to practicing for the self honesty because it is the proper way to understand you. There are 26 things I know to be true man or person and they are like
  1. Beings motivated from the things that feel better than of getting irritated.
  2. Feel strong from inside than thinking of being weak.
  3. Better to feel loving than of getting hated.
  4.  If you are having faith makes the person feel better than not believing the things.
  5.  Making or enjoying is better than of sitting quite.
  6. It is better feeling of freedom than of the feeling that has the limitation
  7. Instead of sad it is better to feel happy.
  8. Must have the feelings of eager for the things than having the laziness.
  9. Must have the3 feeling to remain kind to the people than hating them.
  10. Instead of decision must have the feeling of understanding?
  11. Feeling strong than of feeling weak.
  12. Must have the feeling of letting the things go instead of sticking on it.
  13. Doing the things make the feel better than doing nothing at all.
  14. Must feel better than worst.
  15. Have the feeling of being jolly than being a gloomy.
  16. Being confident makes the better feel than of the hesitation.
  17. Better accept yourself instead of criticizing yourself.
  18. Instead of compulsion the choice make the person feel better
  19. Will power make the person feel much more better than the addiction
  20. It feels better to be honest  than lies
  21. The better things that makes the  person feel better is the expression than of the repression
  22. Accepting things is better than ignoring the things.
  23. Taking the responsibility is better than making the excuses
  24. Having the feelings of patience than of making the things hard
  25. Alertness is better than of the dullness.
  26. Making the things go right instead going wrong.
It all comes from the soul from the people that what is the true and false and for that person doesn’t  require any  help from others and it is himself that person can understand himself. The environment that you have can teach you to remain true person and you can understand the thing yourself much better than anyone tells you.

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