Choose Slocum and sons for best quality alcoholic beverage

When it comes to enjoying a tall glass of smooth and silky tasty wine, one has to look for the right bottle of wine that will cater to their taste buds. Choosing Slocum & sons which is known to be a renowned fine wine and spirit distributor in Connecticut, its winery was founded by the Evenstad family in the early nineties. Their main goal is to deliver quality products in order to meet the ever changing increase of sales in the market to the suppliers, and provide unmatched quality, value and a vast selection of choices to choose from to the customers.

Slocum & sons along with dealing with fine wine, also supplies quality alcoholic beverages like whiskey, beer, scotch and more. Recently, Wendy Eber the president of Slocum & Sons introduced Teeling Irish Whiskey to Connecticut in an industry launch party held in New Haven at the Cask Republic. Slocum & Sons also hosted a spring spirits portfolio tasting in Sandy Hook at The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern, where the guests were invited to taste the best in imported and domestic lineup of spirits.

In order to maintain such a good and prestigious company the president of Wendy Eber  Slocum & Sons had to face a lot of challenges. Starting from building a strong and efficient sales team who would help the company with increasing their sales in the market to hosting spirit portfolio tasting in order to have retailer bring in new product and a way to build brands, are some of the challenges that are to be met in order to make Slocum & Sons a company which for its efficient products and services are known to be a name to be reckoned with. 

The company is not only the best fine wine and spirit distributor in Connecticut but also has been featured in the famous online and print magazine called The BEV community. The BEV community is known to provide information and marketing resource for the liquor industry since the mid-nineties. They provide deliver alcohol beverage pricing and brand information state-by-state, along with industry news and events. 

Wendy Eber has been successful in making Slocum & Sons as one of the leading distributor of fine wines within the State of Connecticut.  With her experience and innovative management skill the company has recently expanded the import side of the business into other markets throughout the United States. The company is highly reputed for its strong level of professionalism and commitment to serve the best quality products in the market. 

Slocum & Sons also organizes many wine and spirit seminars where the sales representatives educated and answer the guest’s questions. This company has been termed as the Country's sole importer of high quality fine wine and spirit. Thus, in order to choose the right bottle of quality alcoholic beverage one should save their effort of searching for the best, and try Slocum & Sons which provides good quality products and a vast range of collection to choose from.

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