Environmental Obligation for Business Enterprises: Consult an Expert Attorney

These days, environmental laws and regulations are comprehensive, complex, and for business houses involved in manufacturing, real estate or oil fields, public departments are extremely observant and strict to anything that can impact on natural resources.  Thus, enterprises need any legal advisory or support concerning environmental law related areas should talk to expert attorneys who are specialist in this segment. Having a business set up in New York or New Jersey, if you are in search of an expert attorney in environmental law, you can get in touch with Alfred L. Amato the founder and chief attorney at Amato Law Group.

The extremely seasoned long practitioner is equipped with a crew of highly talented, proficient law practitioners’ focused on different areas. Based in Garden City, New York the attorney firm offers specialist legal services, advisory and solutions in widespread areas relating to Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Environmental Law, Finance and Lending, Real Estate, Zoning and land use in addition to telecommunication law segments. Most importantly, when it comes to business litigation, corporate laws or environmental issues, these are considered as specialty legal areas due to their complexities.

As per version of Alfred L. Amato the distinguished law practitioner that as a construction company or manufacturing house, you’re obligated to uphold numerous rules and regulations leading to environmental factors. It is always wise, to consult a attorney firm who are specializing in the particular area before your commence your project work. Once you meet learned attorneys of Amato Law Group, they will guide you with the proper guidelines enabling you to complete your construction work without any legal hazards.
Amato Law Group led by Alfred L. Amato is equipped with specialist attorneys who are in practices for long time in the industry and experts in their own fields. From general advisory to appeal, court cases, arbitration and solutions like all services are provided with budget professional fees. Regardless of the complexity of the case, or its size each matter is handled with great care and attention.

Subsequent to achievement of his BS Degree from Adelphi University, Alfred L. Amato pursued for Law Degree. He completed his JD from the famous Georgetown University in the year 1990. With his career goal to position him as a successful law practitioner, after receipt of his JD, he joined Breed, Abbott & Morgan and later for distinguished law firm Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler. In his term, with law associates, he effectively established his capability and self-confidence to handle minor to complex court cases with his seniors as well alone.

In 1995, he planned to initiate his own attorney firm and accordingly introduced Amato Law Company in a conveniently located place in Garden City Area, New York. The distinguished attorney has affiliation with US District Court Eastern and Southern district, New York.

He is an esteemed associate of a series of bar councils and associations such as American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, NJ Bar association and Nassau & Suffolk Bar Associations. To cater his clients with comprehensive range of legal services, he has equipped his law firm with a group of highly energetic experienced legal practitioners. 

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