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Rugby is a popular contact sport, which many of its participants consider heroic and character forming especially among the inhabitants of Commonwealth countries. However, contrary to popular belief, rugby is not just an entertaining sport and there a plenty of life skills that youngsters can learn while participating in this sport. The essential skills that these adolescents learn by participating in the sport will be a catalyst in shaping their careers and lives, as they grow up. 

Brendan Triplett is a decorated Army veteran, who is a recipient of both the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for valor, says that for people watching this sport for the first time will certainly consider it amusing along with confusing.  After all, there are not many sports have a scrum, which is a position where the forces of one team connect with their opponents with interlocking arms and their heads down trying to slam forwards to gain possession of the ball and kicking it back to their teammates. However, he admits that the playing rugby regularly went a long way in shaping his career as in the armed forces and his promotion to the rank of infantry sergeant. In fact, when he introduced this wonderful sport to his comrades during his tenure with the U.S. Army, he explains that they took to it like a ‘duck takes to water’ and began to appreciate the similarity between military training and taking part in this sport.
This former infantry sergeant and rugby enthusiast urges parents to encourage their children especially adolescents to learn and participate in this amazing contact sport for the following reasons that will go a long way in shaping their lives:

1.       Team Work
People who participating in popular contact sport says that in a scummage situation, it comes down to ultimate teamwork, where team members  rely on each other to surge forward and gain possession of the ball in order to pass it to their teammates. They go on to explain that it is obvious that youngsters who play this sport learn the virtues of teamwork it is a team sport at the end of day.
2.       Communication
For human beings, communication is everything. While participating in a rugby match, the team members need to communicate effectively with each other when they passing the ball otherwise they will receive serious injuries. Moreover, communication is a critical aspect of teamwork.
3.       Change
In a rugby game, the entire direction of a match can change in instantaneous and it is imperative for the participants of this team sport to exploit such a change in the win the game. The same is true of life, where is it essential for to take advantage of a change rather than being struck with his/her problems.

4.       Respect
For people who are unaware of the nature of this contact, the opposing teams seem always to be looking out for blood, where the harsh tackles result in serious injuries. While they may assume the players in the opposing teams have no respect for each other, the reverse is true. 

You can find out more about this sport by looking out for Brendan Triplett on Micro News Agency.

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