Hong Kong in Ireland T20I Series, 2016


Organised by the International Cricket Council, the Twenty20 event is generally held every two years. At each stage, the teams are positioned depending on a number of criteria. The West Indies are the current champions having won the title twice.

The first T20I match between Hong Kong and Ireland will commence at 15:30pm on Monday 1st September, with the second match taking place on the following day. These two matches follow the InterContinental Cup match which is due to take place between August 30th and September 2nd. Ireland will be looking to win this match to reclaim the top spot. 

Hong Kong Cricket Team

The team's first cricket match took place back in 1866, and they have been members of the International Cricket Council for over 45 years. They were awarded Twenty20 International status in 2013, and the ICC has ranked the Hong Kong team as 15th in the world, with the Twenty20 Internationals ranking them 14th.

In the Twenty20 International competitions, Hong Kong's highest team total (175/7) was achieved against Oman in February 2016. In the same match, the team's highest individual score of 122 was realised by Babar Hayat.

The team's head coach is Simon Cook, who undertook all of his coaching training when he was still a player himself. He strongly believes that the team has improved dramatically since their association with the Hong Kong Professional Institute commenced. Their fitness levels have improved, with camps infusing the team with a level of professionalism and drive they hadn't previously held. Although they will be without two of their key players, Cook believes that the team will be able to play consistently and they're looking to win every game they play.

Ireland Cricket Team

The Irish cricket team played its first match in 1855, with player contracts only being introduced in 2009, demonstrating the transition from amateur to professional team.

If the team wins the InterContinental Cup and beats the nation ranked 10th in a test series comprising of four matches in 2018, they will achieve Test status in 2019. The highest team total (589/7) was achieved in the InterContinental Cup match against the UAE in 2013.

There is a large team behind Irish cricket looking to make it a mainstream sport in the country by 2020.

Head coach, John Bracewell, is consistently looking forward with an aim of ensuring the next generation of cricket players get a chance to advance into the team. He believes in his players, trusting them to work hard for every win and learn from all the mistakes they've made in the past.

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