Open Mic Nights- the Next Generation in Thing about Entertainment

All those musicians who have taken it for their career, once in a while have taken the advantage of open mic nights to reach out to the maximum of the live audience. Generally, it is an occidental culture that prevails around the globe in the 21st century grabbing the attention of the music-loving people towards the new talents that emerge or the new trends that are being followed. Although people are never paid for it, they go crazy for grabbing the opportunity of performing in front of a huge audience who could be the living ad campaigns spreading the name wide across.
For teenagers like Anouk Govil, it might not be a career perspective, since she has already enrolled herself for the course of Biology, but sheer love and passion for music that draws her to the stage and sing her favorite numbers on the open mic nights. From her personal experience, she believes that open mic is no easy a job to be done. For those who walk up to the platform for the first time, might find their knees shaking as well. She believes that few simple tips if followed might help all the performers in overcoming their fear and have the best time of their life.
Firstly, there’s no point considering it to be performance- that makes things tough. It must be considered as a regular practice session, the difference being the presence of few people. Most of those who come for attending this open mic remain in a light mood, and not for judging how accurate each and every note strikes. So, there’s no point in making it a nerve-racking activity, rather try to make all enjoy and groove with their moves as you sing. The open mics are generally meant for testing out your material, how to better your performance, and to increase the network within the musicians. So the more light-hearted you keep, the better is your performance.
Most importantly, the open mics are the least about you and more about your audience. So before you start with your performance, try taking attention off from you and pay more on the rest of the performers and those sitting on the other side to enjoy all the performances. Try listening to their lyrics, melodies and the use of the instruments- and if necessary feel free to give your feedbacks to them. Especially there will be some performances that will mesmerize the audience completely. Your must be noticing on what they do to keep the audience engaged, and learn from them in the same.
Don’t just sing, perform. This is the key to your success at any open mic night. According to Anouk Govil, try adding some narrative before singing your song. Most of the songs have got a history behind its making. Even if you think of singing one of your own, there will be a significant event or thought that made you write it, and compose. Say that story out. It not only helps you to interact but also engages your listeners as well. You’ll be having only the next 10 minutes to make the difference. Make sure each and every second count.


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