Secrets On How to Choose a Reputable Injury Claim Solicitor

If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own and you wish to make a claim for compensation, the solicitor you choose to process your claim must be a reputable one, so that you can ensure that you receive the very best legal representation.
Are you eligible for compensation?

You are probably eligible for compensation so long as the accident in which you were injured was not 100 per cent your fault, and so long as the date of your accident or the date your injuries first became clear is no more than three years ago. 

Choosing a reputable injury claim solicitor

When it comes to choosing a reputable solicitor, there are ways to narrow the long list of lawyers competing for your case down. Here are our top tips to do just that:

Look to larger law firms

Larger law firms are large for a reason – they are very good at what they do, which means that they win the majority of their cases. You should start your search for reputable injury claim solicitors with a larger law firm because larger firms invariably have numerous in-house lawyers working for them. This means that you will have plenty of choice regarding who takes on your case, and you can pick and choose the lawyers that you like.

Call them and speak with them!

You would be surprised by how many people decide on a lawyer before even talking to them on the phone. This is a mistake for two reasons:

1.      By not speaking with a solicitor it is impossible to judge their character, and;
2.      By not speaking with a solicitor, you cannot verify their experience.

It is absolutely crucial if you are thinking about making a claim that you get on with your solicitor and that you have confidence in them to do their job. We recommend you call the law firm you are interested in and speak to their in-house personal injury lawyer so that you may get answers to the questions posed above.

Verify their credentials

Last but not least, you must verify the credentials of the lawyer you speak with. In England and Wales, all practicing lawyers must be on the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Roll of Solicitors. This Roll can be accessed online and you can check a lawyer’s credentials with just their SRA ID number and their name. If your online search does not bring up what you need, or if you have any cause for concern about the legitimacy of a lawyer or law firm, you should not choose them to process your accident claim and you should report them to the SRA.

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