To Dress Well, a Woman Should Shop Like a Man

Say the word shopping and the first image that comes to mind is that of a woman roaming around in a mall with half a dozen shopping bags in hand. Yet, when it actually comes to quality shopping, we women – fail; that too drastically! Technically, men are better shoppers than us in many ways. Quality and comfort are paramount for the masculine gender irrespective of the brand or the price. As far as shopping goes, women have always been doing the opposite of it. This new addiction of online shopping has made it even convenient for women to shop. Shopping apps like Tata CLIQ app, provides easy return policies and can be trusted in that manner. But still buying something and returning it and then buying something else instead, is quiet the hassle.

Hence, ladies, we significantly need to learn a lot from our counterparts in terms of quality shopping.

1. Comfort above all:
Men will never waste their money over something that they aren’t comfortable with. They can never wear something which is tight as it suffocates them or keeps pricking their skin all day long or hampers their physical movement in anyway. If this rule was to be applied to women, half of the big branded stores will have to close their shutters. Their factories run, because women always choose to compromise and then face the consequences. Therefore, always buy something whose fabric feels good to the hand and doesn’t prick your skin.

2. Go for Quality and not just the Brand:
There is no guarantee that a highly valued and popular brand won’t give you defective pieces. It is absolutely possible that a less popular brand may actually give you a better quality of clothes. Hard to believe? Yes? But it is the truth. We women will forever go for that Logo on the cloth rather than the cloth itself. Names shouldn’t matter until the quality does. Keeping the biased views of the saleswoman/man aside, you should think beyond and first do some basic checks on the clothing first:

i.)For pants:
The waistband should have two layers of lining so that you can move easily without twisting it. In the trial room, you should always squat and see whether you can do it comfortably or not with the pant on.

ii.) For jackets:
The padding in the shoulders shouldn’t hamper your hand movements and look awkward when you raise your hand. There shouldn’t be any stretch marks on the torso region and there shouldn’t be any gaps while buttoning. Other than that, always look out for loose threads, wrinkles, scratchy surfaces, ragged seams, etc. and steer clear from them.

3. Men get better quality clothes at lower prices
How much ever we deny it. It’s true.

In the same price range, a man can buy almost double the number of clothes a woman can and that too durable ones of a better quality. Women’s clothing is always a little heavier on the pocket but don’t last as long as the men’s wear. Online clothes shopping has created a buzz with this activity and it is definitely fun.

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