Why Cricket is Such a Popular Game Worldwide?

The game of cricket is also known as a gentleman’s game. Cricket was started in England in the late 1890s itself. However, there is no real solid evidence of that. But, during the 1900s several players took it upon themselves to start playing the game of cricket.

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Introduction to cricket

Cricket is a game between two teams consisting of eleven players each. There can be four to five substitutes per team. A toss is done before the game to decide which team is going to bat or bowl first.
The team that wins the toss decides on that. Usually the nature of the pitch and the climate decides on that. W. G. Grace was one of the founding fathers of the game. He was a doctor who loved to play cricket. The game basically was founded in England and several high-end or royal class people used to play the game. 

Such was his passion that whenever he was free, he used to take the bat and make others bowl towards him. Slowly the game developed and England and Australia were the first countries to play the game. However, England though was the ones to discover the game, are yet to win a World Cup, which is pretty amazing.

Number of teams in cricket

Australia is currently the number one ranked cricket team in the world and is feared by all countries who are involved in cricket. They play their cricket very aggressively and fearlessly. In Asia, countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh play cricket.

Apart from them, England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, and even Afghanistan are countries which play the game of cricket. It comes in three formats currently which is test match, one day match, and twenty match.

Test matches are overless games where the entire team has to be bowled out so that the other team can bat. In one day games, the number of over are 50 and then the other team comes to bat. In twenty games the number of over has to be 20 and then the other team bats. 

The idea here is to get the higher score set by the other win or make them get lesser the score, wins.

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Some of the records held in the game of cricket include:

  • The most number of runs by a test batsman is Sachin Tendulkar from India.
  • The most number of wickets by a test bowler is Wasim Akram from Pakistan.
  • The number of catches by a test wicketkeeper is Mark Boucher from South Africa.
  • The most number of wins by a test team is Australia.
  • The most number of ducks in a test by a player is Geff Allot of New Zealand.
As you can see, the gentleman’s game is gaining popularity worldwide and even in countries where it is really not heard about or played often like America, the game is becoming famous there with star players of different countries chipping in with exhibition matches.

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