Advantages of Wearing Workwear Trousers

Thermal trousers

With temperatures that go below zero and wind chills to match, working outdoors during the winter months is tough, even for the hardiest amongst us. When planning your workwear, think about layering for maximum warmth and protection. Long johns are probably the most essential part of your wardrobe for outdoor working in the cold. They are a thin base layer, usually designed to keep the warmth in and to wick away sweat. These garments can be purchased as a thin cotton layer or as warm and comfortable thermal layer. The advantages of long johns are that they don't bulk out under other layers and are often fitted and lightweight in design.
Coldstore trousers and salopettes

If your job involves working in coldstores or walk-in freezers, then you will need to keep warm. Temperatures are always going to be sub-zero, therefore purchasing a good quality pair of salopettes for your work is important. These are made from extremely tough, high quality materials which are durable and even a bit stylish too! Salopettes are manufactured to be lightweight enough to work in, yet keep you comfortable and warm all day long. There is also the option of purchasing freezer work trousers, that again are made from the same types of fabric as the salopettes. The advantage of these, apart from the warmth, is that they are generally waterproof too.

Waterproof trousers

Working anywhere outside is going to require waterproof trousers at some stage, even through the warmer months. If you purchase a reasonable pair, then you will find they have been designed to be lightweight enough to go over other legwear, and more importantly, they are made of breathable fabric. Some waterproof trousers are designed to keep you warm too. One of the key advantages of these is that there are often pockets of mesh to allow your skin to breathe, and they also have the option of being able to do them up at the back or side, allowing easy on and off changing during your working day.

Hi-vis trousers

Need to be seen? Then you will need a pair of trousers that are high visibility, allowing you to be noticed from a distance. Generally, Health and Safety rules dictate the use of hi-vis trousers when working in areas such as at the roadside, on construction sites or in the dark. These trousers will have high visibility strips for night work and are brightly coloured for working in the day. Often they will have reinforced knees and handy pockets for tools too.

Cargo trousers

If you work in a profession where tools are required to hand, then cargo trousers with plenty of pockets are a great purchase to keep everything safe and secure.

Workwear trousers are an essential part of your work wardrobe, so research before purchasing. Ensure you understand what the requirements are for your job, because this will allow you to make an informed decision on the large array of products available to purchase.

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