Top 5 Professional Videographers in Bangalore

Wedding videography is an integral part of Indian marriages. Thoughtfully created videos, depicting the grand union of a much in love couple, are nothing less than feature films. A talented cinematographer skillfully records every moment in its true color and the plethora of emotions that rule a wedding. The resulting video tells a story, which is as endearing as the couple themselves.
Like all other big Indian cities, Bangalore too is blessed with a slew of gifted videographers whose work can surely bring a smile to its spectators’ faces. Here is a list of the best five, in no particular order, for your reference:

Coffee Stains: Venkatesh and Sneha, along with their team, weave beautiful moments into a flowing story, which their clients never get tired of watching again and again. They are the masters in hiding awkwardness and in highlighting the true emotions. The high-quality HD videos that they offer, are rich in color and sharpness, speaking volume about their expertise. Their studio is located in J P Nagar and the team shoots all over the world.
Ignited Minds: Candid photography is the forte of Raghukumar H.S. who is equally talented in videography. At his studio in Laggere, he creates amazing wedding stories after skillful post-production. His experience in shooting weddings has bestowed him with eyes, which never miss any important moment. He records every grin, each glance and all emotions with equal precision so that, his clientele can re-live their big day again and again.
Chetan Krishna Photography: Chetan Krishna, a die-hard Bangalorean and a self-confessed wanderer, believes weddings are the most interesting events that one can witness. Every wedding is unique and tells its own story which Chetan loves to record in his own creative style. His videos are far from ordinary and display those moments which a lot of people would generally miss. Through his videos, he offers a time travel to his clientele, which they cherish forever.
Shutterspeed: The backbone of Shutterspeed, Rahul Singh and Rachana Haldikar, always strive to spread happiness via their craft. Their studio in Yelahanka accepts all kinds of customized photography and videography requirements. Their pre-wedding love story videos are a sure shot hit among their clientele. Witty and energetic, the duo gels well with their clients to eradicate camera shyness.
Sree Vikash Photography: Vikash is a post graduate from NICC Bangalore in Animation and Film Production. Thoroughly acquainted with latest technologies, Vikash captures stunning videos and edits them to perfection in his Kalyan Nagar studio. A strict follower of latest trends, Vikash ensures that his videos are always a hit among his clientele. No wonder he is one among the top professional videographers in Bangalore.

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