Wedding dress collection for guests: (600w)

Dresses are now worn for almost every occasion. The types of dresses are different though considering each event requires a dress as per the details of the day. 

Wedding dresses are uniquely special because of the occasion they are used for considering most people vow for once and it is meant to last forever. Therefore, the concept of a wedding be it Indian, western or otherwise has to be well conducted and the guests including the bride and groom must be well-dressed in order to make a lasting impression. 

Marriages occur every now and then, and it requires a large amount of funds and investments in order to occur. Moreover, the question of what to wear and how dangles overhead a lot of people during this tense and frantic time. Women and men are equally tense and struggle to piece together outfits for the D-day. 
The props, dresses, catering, photography and artwork for the special day actually involves a lot of man power and slowly, the wedding department has ended up becoming an industry in itself. 

This is why, wedding dress designers have started deviating from the traditional requirements and become much more upfront in working through desires and finally offering it all to the delighted customer. 

Wedding dresses for men include suits, blazers and shirts for the western wear and kurtas, sherwanis for the Indian slot of people. 

For women in India, wedding dresses are usually lehengas, anarkalis, sarees, long skirts and cropped blouses. For the women in catholic communities or the women who live in the US, UK etc- wedding gowns in traditional white with a veil is popular. Though Mexicans, Spaniards, Japanese, Chinese, Norwegians, Germans, Russians and many more other nationalities tend to have gowns as well as their traditional attire for their special day.

Dresses according to seasons:
-      Women wedding wear for winter season: Mini dresses with lace up sleeves or knit sleeves is warm and snugly. It can be paired with leggings or tights in order to cover the legs if it’s too cold. Another option is knee high boots which looks fashionable and alluring. 
-      Long dresses in chiffon paired with flats is an excellent option because it is both comfortable and appealing, keeping in mind the weather.
-      Floor length gowns in midnight blue or a blush fuchsia are remarkable choices for winters because of its vibrant colours and sweeping lengths.
-      A two-toned jacquard dress especially in shades of ombre and wine, make for a beautiful winter choice because of its knitted warmth and warm colour which is a game of tones.
-      Jumpsuits are popular choices for winter wear, even for weddings since they are full, elasticated and stretchy available in obnoxiously bright colours, subtle tones and happy designs. Opting for a black blouse and blue pants or autumn tinged designs, cute caricatures in quirky prints and full sleeves tops attached to fully covered pants within a jumpsuit is a trendy and super comfortable availability. 
-      For men, wedding wear in the winter seasons include blazers, trouser and long sleeved shirts, waist coats, the trademark black and white ensemble for western wear, denims paired with smart shirts and many more options. Men can also wear sherwanis, kurta and jeans, kurta and embellished pyjamas, printed cropped jackets with salwars etcetera to look polished. Black shoes, lace ups or boots for western wear is deemed perfect. As for Indian wear, shoes such as kohlapuris, slippers and jewelled sandals are extravagant.

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