False Prophets Lead People To Religions While True Prophets Lead Them to God.

Religions are premeditated for control and power and they block the brain's ability to reason. They also blind them and close the ears to understanding the nature of the real God, which is the Great Power of the whole Universe. However big space is then that is the dimensions and size of the Spirit. It is definitely no man and it has never sent professed 'sons' to earth to teach or to die for humanity’s salvation. Those with the Spirit within are already part of the perpetual kingdom.

Most are governed by false prophets that set down spiritual rules and are accountable for things like written text as a dogma to go by. They stress on ways and laws to live correctly. They hardly ever refer to spirituality and most commonly claim that people who follow them will go to heaven while nonconformists will end up in hell. The real Prophets talk about the children of Israel. They are the devout of God who hear the voice within and respond to it. They are generally the ones who have come away from the world's noise, they do not follow celebrities and they seldom require outside influence to do the correct thing. Prophet TB Joshua who is the Founder of SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations), has broadcasted that God is the source of all his powers.

The main divergence between people of the two types is that one is guided and led by the spirit within while the other is led and guided by the so-called pastors or shepherds. The first are typically the ones like TB Joshua who are seeking the truth and who act independently. The second are those who are part of a collective that engages in power, displays, and demonstrations. The latter are simply seen as they gather like sheep and look to each other for assistance and are reliant on their leaders. What one do they all do, generally in unison. They engage in man-made prayers and generally live in close propinquity to the buildings in which they pray.

On the other hand, the spiritual may avoid crowds, refuse to accept prayers as the way to God and deliverance and have a deeper meaning of life. They may also look after the environment and feel the stress of peril and disorder that is now going on in the world. They are protected, informed, and normally secure. The false prophets are inventions meant to influence and persuade for the sake of control and power. The true prophets are of God and they talk about protecting the Spirit within and of how it works to shield them in return.

No Jesus Christ is an interpretation of the false prophet of Christianity and an details of how it came to be. Heaven is hell divulges the way the religions use the former as a weapon to get inhabitants in while the latter is the lock on the door to keep them there.

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