Things to expect during a plastic surgery consultation

A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is a very important appointment between the patient and their potential doctor. Many surgeons agree that before someone schedules this appointment they would like for potential patients to research the procedure ahead of time, visit the surgeon’s website to learn more about them and visit their “before and after” patient gallery while online. 

Before booking the appointment, a person may also want to visit reputable patient review sites to see what they have to say about a particular doctor. 

In order to have a successful consultation, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time in terms of having information on hand to fill out patient information sheets and having a list of questions to ask the surgeon. 
At the consultation, a patient will be greeted by the surgeon’s receptionist who will have paperwork for them to fill out. Depending on the office, the patient may have received this paperwork in advance which they completed at home. 

At top-tier offices, the patient will then be greeted by a patient concierge who will escort them to a sitting area. In this room, the patient concierge will introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what the consultation will entail. If there is a wait time to meet with the doctor, more times than not, patients will have the opportunity to see more “before and after” photos of the procedure they are interested in such as a San Diego Mommy Makeover, San Diego breast augmentation or San Diego eyelid surgery.  

At some practices, the patient concierge will join the plastic surgeon for the initial patient visit. After the introductions, the doctor will want to know why a patient is interested in a particular procedure and how they think it will enhance them. 

During this timeframe, the doctor will explain the surgery and answer a variety of questions that the patient has. They will also review a patient’s medical history as well. If the first phase of this appointment is going well, the patient then will choose if they want to move forward to the examining room portion of the consultation. If a patient is interested in a procedure such as a San Diego tummy tuck or body sculpting treatment, they will need to slip into a gown so the doctor can examine the area and provide feedback as to whether or not the patient is a candidate for the surgery and also give various recommendations. 

During the course of the consultation, the doctor will describe their surgical techniques for the procedure, recovery as well as the risks of the procedures like San Diego breast lifts and Neck lift surgery San Diego. Before the consultation ends, the surgeon will want to make certain that all the questions a patient has have been fully answered. 

Following the consultation, the patient will more likely meet with the patient concierge once again. Here the patient concierge may provide an estimate for the surgery as well as other payment options for the procedure. It’s at this time that the patient can schedule their surgery. If one needs more time to think about the surgery then they are encouraged to do so.  

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