Become A Proud Owner of Contemporary and Modern Art

When it comes to the world of art, the commonly used two terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ art forms are more or less interchangeable. Common people over and over again talk about ‘modern’ art indicating the art works of the recent times. Factually, the artistic works like painting, sculptures or water colors created at the moment are said to be contemporary. In essence, in distinguishing modern and contemporary art, one can define taking into consideration the times when they are made. Typically, modern art refers to those great works that continued between 1880’s to 1950’s. On the contrary contemporary art refers to those artistic jobs, which was created after 1960s and that is still emerging. In different words, arts made following 1960’s and the upcoming ones are postmodern or contemporary.

If you’re one among those art lovers habitually visit art museums and galleries in order to view varieties of art works from both contemporary and modern age, and also fascinated to collect them, you can come down at Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery. Incepted in 1988, by the great art lover Mark Borghi, the legendary Art Gallery is having its astonishing porches in New York, Bridgehampton NY and in Palm Beach, Florida. Notably, since inception, the art gallery has received high popularity among art lovers worldwide, because it is the palace where you can explore the great art works of Post World War II, the modern era in addition to the contemporary ones. Similar to all other art galleries, the pieces are sold to people enabling them to become the proud owner of those art pieces. These paintings and other art works are exhibited all through the year and open to all art lovers.

According to the experts that defining the boundary of contemporary art is rather difficult, because of the simple reason that it defines all great artistic works that are created at the moment. In fact, many of these artists are living. As an art lover, you might be aware that the period of 1900s gone through a major reformation phase worldwide in terms of humans socio-economical way of living, consciousness and their culture. Especially in paintings, carving and other art works the prevalent concepts and rigidity transformed into modern ideals and philosophies. For example in the contemporary arts, you can view paintings based on the new age ideas like human rights, environmental consciousness or impact of global warming that basically offers you a different feel which you cannot get in modern arts.

Mark Borghi, the founder, dealer and art enthusiast is the owner and chief of Mark Borghi Fine Art Galleries. It specializes in all artistic creations including painting, varieties of wooden or metal carving, watercolors encompassing the extended period right from Post-War ( 2nd World War) American, Modern plus all post-modern or contemporary classics. To name a few among these illustrious artists are Andy Warhol, Joan Mitchell, Christopher Wool, Jackson Pollock, Hans Hofmann and Richard Prince. Being an avid of art paintings and other creations to access his great gallery, you can go through the webpage and get in touch with the personality for prices and collection.

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