What is react Js?

Developed and maintained by Facebook, React.Js is a UI/front-end library that is basically meant to be used for the creation of UI components that are interactive and can be used repeatedly. Since this is one of the most popular libraries of Javascript, there are a lot of areas where it is implemented. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is due to the fact that it can be rendered both at the client side as well as the server side. With the concept of interoperability, both of these sides can work at the same time.

Basic concepts of React.Js
Since the API of this framework is quite narrow, using it is not just easy but it is quite fun as well. When you take up the React Js Course, you would see that learning it is quite an easy and quick process. Apart from the few concepts that are almost similar across all the JS libraries, there are a few of these that make the React different from other ones.
Ø  React Elements
This is a term used to define the objects of Javascript which are used to define and represent the elements of HTML. Also known as the representation of the browser elements, they are non-existential in the browsers.
The Javascript XML is also known as the JSX and it is a very important element that you should know about. This is required at places when you have to write the object representations on the basis of XML. There are times when you have everything ready in the HTML and you have to convert it into the XML. So using the JSX tags, this can be done.
Ø  Components
All those parts of the UI that can be defined both in terms of their structure, as well as the functionality, are known as the components. You need the components in order to create the react elements in the react.js
Ø  Virtual DOM
Also known as the JS tree, it consists of different react elements as well as the components. The use of virtual DOM is made to ensure proper visibility of the UI. A lot of algorithms (mostly predefined) are brought in use to achieve the desired results here.
Ø  Props
Different options that are used to define the components are known as the props. Since they are majorly similar to the attributes that exist in HTML, the workability too is very similar. At the time when all the components are defined, you need to assign to few attributes to them and you call them props in the react.js.
Ø  Events
One major component of the react.js is the event system. Also known as the properties of the components, these events are required to trigger various actions and methods in the code.
Ø  Composition
As the name suggests, this is a concept of react that you use in order to bring together a lot of smaller components to design and bring together all of these as one single unit.

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