What is a Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Is HGH legal to use in Australia?

Human Growth Hormone, commonly known as the HGH, is the hormone extracted by the pituitary gland essential for growth in the human body. This hormone helps humans to develop and grow from childhood through adolescent to adulthood. After reaching adulthood, in the late 20s or the early 30s, the level of growth hormones decline eventually due to the normal aging process. Although in some cases, if needed, the physical growth can be made using synthetic HGH at any point of time. Synthetic HGH is available in various forms like oral pills, injections, creams, eye-drops etc. The steroids help accumulate body mass, gain muscles and increase physical strength and power in a very short time. Like most of the other developed countries, HGH is not legal to use in Australia as over-usage of these steroids can result into extreme side-effects that can be life-threatening.  

What are the various uses of HGH?

Use of HGH has been very common in sports and entertainment field across the world. The HGH drugs are very effective in fast weight gain, bulking and body building. It also increases appetite and enhances vigour and physical strength within a span of few days or weeks. Hence, these steroids are very much popular among sportsperson who are associated with sports like body-building, weight-lifting, wrestling, boxing, basketball; athletics so on and so forth.

Many Hollywood actors like Sylvester Stallone (of ‘Rambo’ fame), Arnold Schwarzenegger and few others have been associated with steroid drug abuse for long and faced the controversies too. The reason for these controversies are, in professional sports, these steroids are being used as an artificial method to build body mass and increase stamina that makes the steroid user highly competitive against his/her counterpart. So, the person using these steroids automatically gets some undue advantage over others that is not acceptable. Although in some cases, the physicians prescribe a nominal use of these drugs for medical purpose to overcome a certain injury or inflammation.

The steroids are also useful in providing relief during some critical ailments like AIDS, arthritis, anaemia, severe burns etc. But, use of HGH without any medical purpose is prohibited and banned. Another reason to ban and restrict the use of HGH is the long term critical side-effects that occur due to the excessive and uncontrolled use of these drugs. The side-effects may include minor ones like nausea, vomiting, irregular menstrual cycles, abnormal hair growth among women and developing female physical attributes for men etc. The serious conditions can be life-threatening and may include liver damage, heart attack and kidney failure. One of the most popular brands in artificial HGH is HGH X2(Somatropinne) that is available against proper medical prescription in local as well as online shops. HGH laws differ from one country to another. Like the United States, HGH is not legal to use in Australia and it is illegal to buy and sell these steroids without legal permit and license. People found with illegal possession of these drugs can face huge penalty and imprisonment.

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