Consumption Of Raw Milk Vs Pasteurized Milk To Remain Healthy And Stay Fit

Milk provides many of the essential nutrients to our body and thus must be consumed daily by one and all for maintaining the health and well being of the individual being talked about. Now it is all the more important to procure this milk from the right source in terms of originality and the health reasons.

Milk which one gets in the market through the various stores is not at all healthier and must not be consumed for a longer duration. So, what is the solution to this very basic problem? The simple solution to this problem lies in the fact that milk should be consumed in its raw form, which means, milk straight from the cattle and not from any of the big supermarkets.

Now the reason behind such milk consumption is the way the cattle’s are being fed in the dairies and the process of procuring the milk and passing it to the individuals in large cities. People owning these cattles make them eat what they should not eat and inject them with antibiotics and other medicines to keep them fit and give large amounts of milk.

All these harmful medicines thus reach to the individuals when they consume this kind of milk and the chances of falling sick turn larger without a saying. At times, even chemicals and other powders are being added to the milk to make it look the way it should be and much healthier to consume especially by the small children. This kind of milk is the reason behind different and varied health reasons among the people which could be very serious and harmful for the body as a whole.

Geoffrey Morell is one such person who believes in feeding the cattle the natural food which they must intake to give the right type of milk. Such milk can help maintain the health as well as health related issues too by minimizing any kinds of diseases and making the individual get rid of the same. He is in fact a well known name in the industry and people trust him for the kind of food that he offers to the cattles and makes sure they have it in the natural form.

After all this serious talks about the natural milk, one should definitely know the benefits that one gets from the raw milk and thus must consume the same only. Some of the benefits of raw milk are listed as below:
  • Raw milk is always beneficial and healthier to consume because of different vitamins and other much needed nutrients. In the case of milk coming from the large supermarkets these bacteria and enzymes which make the milk healthier to drink die down by the time it reaches to the consumers due to the various chemical processes it undergoes.
  • Raw milk collected from a healthy cattle fed in the natural forms is safe in all aspects and must be consumed as recommended by the nutritionists like Geoffrey Morell.
Thus, individuals like him propagated the use of raw milk due to the various benefits it comes with.

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