The introduction to a new flagship phone: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has a good tradition; every year they raise the bar for their mobile devices (and for the market as a whole) in all directions. Starting with the Galaxy S6, more attention was paid to the design and quality materials. Galaxy S7 secured the success of the company, backed by cool design ergonomics and a high level of adaptability.

And the eighth generation S-series claims to be the most beautiful, ergonomic and productive device on the market. A short introduction to innovation, we must admit, it was possible! And, now all eyes are set for the next beast Samsung Galaxy S9 that will appear next year.

As mentioned, Galaxy S8 is an innovative smartphone. It is almost a perfect size; the smartphone fits perfectly in the hand. The display seems to occupy the entire surface of the front panel. Rounded corners add (not at the expense of ease of use); it is very unusual and beautiful. Location of fingerprint reader behind did not bother: you will be able to access the sensor area without problems. Yes, you can touch with the finger the camera, but I would not call it disadvantage of the device, as do many of my colleagues. Bigger version, the Galaxy S8 + in the matter is less easy to handle - body greatly elongated in height, it is necessary to intercept the machine to reach the scanner. Hope, Samsung designer manages to rectify this with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

By the way, what I have written before about the optimal size of a smaller version of the S8? S8 + gives also a compact and pleasant experience in the hand, similar the S8, which you have just admired. S8+ is slightly bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus, and the screen is 0.7 inches bigger. I vote for Galaxy S8 + when compared with iPhone 7 Plus. But under identical characteristics with the S8, the plus version has the battery for 20% more capacity. Samsung has managed to surprise this year, hope the same will be followed next year, when Galaxy S9 appears in the market. The main thing that a smart phone suffers is the quality issue that may rise over time.

As you are always aware that on April 13, Samsung Mobile presented in Moscow a new flagship smartphone in two variants: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. All the main features of the device launched, came to be known before the product launch in New York: the chipset Samsung Exynos 8895, 4 or 6 GB of RAM and protection against water and dust with IP68 standard. The most daring and desperate thing that one would like to do with this phone will be using it while taking shower. And, for sure, the same characteristic will be maintained with Galaxy S9, else fans will be disappointed. Also, as per the rumours coming in the market for S9 are just above anyone’s expectations, because Samsung wants to bring another flagship to the world.

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