Rhinoplasty Procedures in Denver, Colorado

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to correct or restructure a defected nose either due to medical reasons or for anesthetic purposes. Some people suffer from breathing problems and nasal diseases such as sinus which are due to the wrong structuring of the nose and narrow width of nostrils. Rhinoplasty corrects these defects and enhances the nose structure resolving any issues which might have been come up due to injuries or birth defects. Many people also opt for Rhinoplasty for totally aesthetic purposes and to improve their overall looks and features which have been shadowed by a badly structured nose.

Techniques involving Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure which involves high expertise and an even higher skill factor. There are two types of procedures in Rhinoplasty which are mentioned in detail below:

·         Open Rhinoplasty- In this method, the surgeon makes an incision on the exterior end of the nose and then makes other additional incisions in order to correct the nasal lining and structure.  Open Rhinoplasty allows surgeons to examine the nasal defects much closely and treat them in the most appropriate way possible.

·         Closed Rhinoplasty- In the Closed Rhinoplasty method, the surgeon makes all incisions and operation exclusively inside the nose and does not cut any outer part of the nose. Closed Rhinoplasty is mostly preferred by doctors as it does not involve any outer incision which may cause scarring and excessive pain. Also, Closed Rhinoplasty allows for faster recovery post surgery and brings much less trauma which can be caused by open Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in Denver

If you are living in or around Denver and want to get a Rhinoplasty either for medical or aesthetic purposes, then we suggest you to check out the Colorado Enhanced medical facility based in Colorado Springs. One of the frontrunners in modern Rhinoplasty surgeries, Colorado enhanced provides great services and an even greater professional commitment for anyone looking for a nose job Denver. Its founder Dr Pat Sessions has been doing Rhinoplasty surgeries for about 15 years and has a commanding knowledge problems faced by patients coming in for a nose job. He keeps himself up to date with all latest techniques related to Rhinoplasty in the scientific world and has hundreds of patients who have benefitted from his expertise and skills.

Colorado Enhanced provides Rhinoplasty procedures either for aesthetic purposes or for medical reasons. Some of the great features that Colorado Enhanced possess are

·         World Class Facility- With state of the art facilities and technologies, Colorado Enhanced provides patients with excellent care and diagnosis.

·         Dedicated Staff and Doctors- The staff at Colorado Enhanced loves their work and this shows in their level of dedication and service towards their patients, who are treated with utmost care round the clock. All queries and discussions are entertained and patients are kept up to date with any developments concerning them.

·         Low Cost Services- Colorado Enhanced provides world class Rhinoplasty facilities at a very reasonable price for their patients. An option for financing is also available which can be used by people to cover their medical costs.

Thus if you are having any issues related to your nose and are looking for a nose job in Denver, Colorado Enhanced is the first place you should visit  in your quest for a brilliant Rhinoplasty surgery.

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