9Apps for UC Browser; Download to Enjoy Faster Browsing

Among the web browsers, Google Chrome might be the most popular. Its supremacy in web browsing is not questionable. But when it comes to mobile browsing, the situation is different. The users find it hard to browse especially when they are on slower networks. The buffering continues so long that everyone gets tired of waiting. So you need a browser like UC Browser for enjoying buffer-free browsing even on slower networks like 2G or 3G.

From various tests, it is proven that UC Browser gives the top speed. Equipped with latest technologies and data compression techniques, the browser loads faster than any other browser. It performs better than the search engine giant’s Chrome. Mozilla’s Firefox mobile browser is not that impressive either. They stepped into the mobile browsing very late. They neglected the mobile users till recently by not launching a dedicated mobile browser.

UC Browser envisioned faster browsing and knew well that the future is going to be inside the palms (handsets are held on your hands). Launched in 2008, the browser underwent many changes. The current version is UC Browser 11.2. Each time it brought some remarkable improvements in the app to make it more impressive.

9Apps for UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most downloaded apps on 9Apps, the perfect alternative to the search giant’s Android store. The browser has a rating of 4.5 on 5 and this shows how impressive the app is. Stepping into the world (of browsing) dominated by the Search Engine giant, Internet Explorer and Mozilla, the road was not smooth for UC Web, the makers of the browser.

The Alibaba Group of Companies’ mobile browser did exceptionally well to grab the attention of users. Here are some of the advantages which helped the browser gain more popularity.

Faster browsing: The browser is faster than any other browser. Various tests have proved this. You can enjoy a nearly no-buffering experience while browsing.

Card Feature: The UC Browser uses a unique feature which they call it as cards. These cards are great and useful for finding the category of user’s choice. The users also have the option to customize these cards depending on his or her interests.

Data Compression: This is another key feature. As the data charges are alarming, people always look for ways to reduce data consumption. The best thing anyone can do is just browse over UC to reduce the data usage. The browser uses latest data compression technologies to achieve this feat.

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