Google Pixel 2 smartphone with Android 8.0.1 passed FCC certification

The source found in the database of the US agency FCC, engaged in the certification of communications equipment, records indicating that the FCC certification passed the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. Fortunately for all fans of Google phones, this procedure brought a few screenshots of the OS interface, revealing new details about the upcoming update.

A phone with long software support is supposed to have a powerful filling with high potential. For the Pixel 2 models, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 4-core processor is selected, with 2 2.15 GHz cores and 2 1.6 GHz cores, and Adreno 530 with a frequency of 624 MHz for the graphics. RAM 4 GB (LPDDR4), which against the background of 6 GB solutions from China may seem a little. In fact, such a volume is more than enough to quickly switch between tasks and keep in the background of many programs. In fact, unlike Chinese firmware, where companies are trying to compensate for the lack of optimization with extra gigabytes (yes, I'm talking about Xiaomi and MIUI), Android has Pixel optimized in the most efficient way. 

The battery capacity is 3450 mAh, which corresponds to the level of Nexus 6P with a screen of 5.7 ". It supports quick charging Quick Charge 3.0, from which the 15-minute make-up should be enough, according to the manufacturer, for 7 hours of operation. I did not measure the exact figures, but I can confirm that the Pixel 2 XL, on the sly, charges really fast.

The battery is discharged, on the contrary, slowly. In the standby mode, thanks to a minimum of pre-installed software running in the background, as well as Doze technology, the phone practically does not lose its charge. When playing video with maximum screen brightness, the smartphone lasted more than 14 hours (not least thanks to AMOLED), and the rank in Asphalt 8 games per hour with brightness at a comfortable level was 18% (that is, you can play for more than 5 hours). 

Firstly, the younger generation of the new generation Google Pixel 2 will be manufactured by HTC, as previous reports indicated, while the release of the older model with a larger screen Pixel XL2 is probably trusted by LG.

Secondly, the device will have touch-sensitive side faces, like the HTC U11. True, in Pixel 2 this function will be called Active Edge, but its function is the same as for Edge Sense - to provide access to various functions of the interface when squeezing the sidewalls. Previous data indicated that in order to avoid erroneous operations, the sensitivity of the faces of the new Google Pixel can be adjusted.

Thirdly, the tested device is equipped with 64 GB of internal memory and runs the Android 8.0.1 operating system with the latest security update package of August 5, 2017. Note that the latest version of the new Android has an index of 8.0.0. So either this is almost the final assembly, or this one in the lower rank of the number designates a special assembly for Pixel smartphones.

Finally, in the FCC database, the device passes under the model number G011A.

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