Be a Part of a Dandiya Night and Feel the Energy of Durga Maa

India is a land of diversity in everything. Be it dance forms, cultural events or other areas, you can find richness. Talking specifically about Dandiya, it ismost famous dance of not just Gujarat but all the states in India. It is worth mentioning here that it is a special part of the Navratri festival.Actually, Dandiya is a dance form that is generally performed in a group, by both the men and women. The unique feature of this dance is that the participants wear colourful attires and carry multi-coloured sticks. Even the wooden sticks that are used as prop are gorgeously decorated.

If you are in Mumbai and you think that you don’t have your old friends or family in the city, you can check out different events taking place related to Dandiya. After all Dandiya in Mumbai is extremely joyous, colourful, cheery and absolutely breathtaking. You can find plenty of events where you can participate and make the most of this beautiful Dandiya.Who knows you come across some of the finest Dandiya steps or you experience amazing dance nights! Just imagine hundreds of radiantly-dressed dancers whirling in harmony around the colourful statue of a gorgeous Indian goddess, as a drummer hasten the pace on the dhol. Indeed, the entire aura is going to be charming and overwhelming.

Dance and Fun

If you think that since Dandiya is a cultural and ancient dance form and so it is going to be boring then you are highly mistaken. Don’t take the dandiya dance events lightly. These are absolutely rejuvenating, refreshing and uplifting. When your feet dance on different moves of dandiya, there automatically runs a joyous spirit in the whole body. Even if you are attending an event that is unknown to you, you can end up with pleasure, delight and fulfilment.

Many people in Mumbai attend different dandiya events so as to enjoy the spirit of Navratris in full swing. Even if there are students or job doers staying in this city away from their hometowns, they find homeliness in these beautiful dandiya events. The beauty of dance performances in these dandiya event sit hat that people dance as if they are the best dandiya artist. They go lost in the music and hop on the fascinating music. There are Garba and Raas that are traditional dances, which are performed to Honor warrior Durga Maa during the event.

 Welcoming aura of Dandiya Nights

There are many Dandiya nights that might be taking place in your area. Go ahead and find out if you have exciting events taking place nearby you.Maybe some people who attend such beautiful events are doing so as a form of spiritual worship, Garba and dandiya are hugely open to anybody who relishes dancing.People of all age groups dance on the beats of the music and leave everyone mesmerised by their unique dandiya moves and attractive costumes. The aura is absolutely breath taking.


So, whether you are a student, a businessman, a job doer or any random person; you can make the most of Dandiya nights and events in Mumbai.

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