Top Travel Destinations in India

For the adventurous traveler, India offers a panoramic vista of mountains and rivers and an ancient history that still thrives in the present. Explore religious temples, diverse cultures and exotic cuisine in some of India’s most intriguing travel destinations.

A Jaunt to Jaipur
This mystic location is the 10th most populous city in India. Why it is named the Pink City will become astoundingly evident as you wander through pastel building facades. Here you will find wax museums, historic Hindu temples and museums.

The Beaches of Goa
Its history as a Portuguese colony makes Goa, India a provocative location to see the vestiges of European influence in the East. Its famous beaches stretch for miles along the coast, winding through glamourous resort locations in Baga and Palolem to remote fishing villages like Agonda where local life gives any visitor a taste of Indian culture with a Portuguese twist.

The Music of Mumbai
Formerly Bombay, Mumbai is the commercial center of India and its largest city.  Here you can visit the ancient cave temples dedicated to the goddess Shiva and see the Gateway if India stone temple built by a British Raj. Mumbai is also the center for India’s Bollywood film industry. For this reason, Bollywood film scores blast from radios and fill the streets with lively music.  Mumbai is also home to some of the best traditional Indian cuisine in the region with restaurants offering succulent samosas and chicken tikka masala.

The New Delhi Experience
For a deeper understanding of Indian history and culture, New Delhi is your destination. Here you will find the NationalGandhi Museum and breathtaking sacred Delhi temples. You can book a private day trip to Haridwar to witness rituals held in celebrationof Ganga, the goddess of the holiest river in India. Historic sites like Swaminarayan Akshardham offer astoundingly beautiful temple architecture accessible through planned tours that bring an informative and insightful perspective to your visit. 

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