Operation: How a Water Pump, Motor Pump or Electro pump Works

Currently there are many varieties and brands of these equipment, in addition to its multiple utilities. It is simple to understand, that if we know and know better the functioning of things, we will find applications that suddenly before we did not even know that they could be used. That is why this guide to how a water pump, motor pump or electric pump works will make you better handle your pumping tool.

Let's first clarify what are and what are the different types of pumps that exist. For this, we invite you to review the article Types of Water pumps or Water Pumps

What you need to know before knowing how water pumps work

Having clear the classes, now we can understand the Operation of a Water Pump. Remember first a short classification not according to its use, but by its operation.

Let's not forget that a Water Pump is a device that is used to pump water from one place to another, regardless of the fluid. There are water pumps that move: dirty water, clean water, fluids such as wine, milk, among others.

It is called Water Pump to any of those devices that perform activities such as:
  • Unoccupied Pools (Clean Waters)
  • Unoccupied Septic Tanks (Dirty Waters)
  • Water crops
  • Supply water a site without access to it, among others
  • How a Water Pump Works
Remember that they can be divided as:
  • Motor pumps
  • Electric pumps
Differences between motor pumps and electric pumps

What is the difference between motor pumps and electric pumps? When a water pump is driven by a motor with fuel, it is called a motor pump. Example of this can be:
  • Gasoline motor pump of 9000 l / h
  • Operation of an electric pump
  • 7 m aspiration
  • Inlet and outlet of 2.5 cm
  • Maximum flow 9000 liters per hour
  • 7-liter fuel tank
  • Maximum elevation of 22 m
  • Motor 33 cubic centimeters
  • Weight of 6.5 Kg
Water pumps with motor or water pumps, are used for large purposes and are always powered by gasoline or other fuel. Its operation depends on this engine and the advantage is that it has a greater autonomy depending on the fuel tank, the type of engine, etc.

When a Water Pump is electrically operated, that is, it is connected to an electrical outlet or charged, it is called an electric pump.

An example of this can be:
  • Submersible Water Pump 1000 W
  • Operation of a motor pump
  • It's Electric Motor
  • Completely stainless
  • Shaft with ceramic cover
  • It has Automatic Float
  • Power of 1100 W
  • Flow of 5700 liters per hour
In this class of Water Pumps, we can also include Centrifugal Pumps, Peripheral Pumps, among others.

There may even be water pumps driven with axles, or pulleys, and they are not directly connected to an engine that makes them work, but the shaft or the pulley if they must be driven with some engine, therefore, in the end they will be either water pumps or Electric pumps, check out some water pumps here https://www.mydeal.com.au/tools-and-equipment/water-pumps .

What are the Components of a Water Pump?

Now, to better understand the operation of a motor pump or the operation of an electric pump, it is better to review what they are made of, what they are made of.

How a motor pump works

Shell or frame: It is simply the body in which it is mostly coated, its mechanism of advance of the liquids to be transferred. It should generally be anti-corrosion, in stainless steel or cast iron if it is not submersible.

Entry and Exit: Obviously, there must be a hole or entrance through which the fluid passes, and then an exit from it

Impeller, Rotor or Rodetes: It is the device used to power the fluid contained in the casing. They can be blades, blades, etc., the idea is to drive the fluid.

Seals, Retainers and Rings: It is everything that makes the Pump seal correctly allowing some internal compression.

Drive shaft: As is also obvious, it is an axis that holds the impeller so that it turns on it.

Bearings or Bearings: To properly support the Drive Shaft

Control Panel: To activate the Water Pump, it can contain switches or buttons to perform its ignition, stop, among others.

Motor: It is the device that allows moving the shaft and in turn the impeller so that the fluid can pass from one side to another. Depending on the power of it, you can mobilize more water in the shortest possible time. The motor may contain other special parts, such as fan, coil, magnets, etc.

In practical terms, these are the pieces that make the operation of a water pump suitable.

Now, to round off the idea, and having clear the pieces of a Water Pump, let's look:

How a Water Pump Works

At this point we review the operation of a water pump to move water from one side to another. The operation of a motor pump, electric pump, is in general the same, so we will choose one in particular.
Let's say we have an electric pump and we want to empty a pool. This pump will have an automatic detection system (float) so it is submersible, the pumps do not have that system because they are on the surface. The Electro pump when it detects with its float that there is no more water to move, it will stop, thus preventing it from burning.
Operation of A Motor Pump

Its operation is very simple, the water is sucked by the inlet pipe of the water pump and then be driven by a motor that uses any motor, coils and magnets to create a magnetic field and thus make the impeller turn from a continuous way Then, as the rotor rotates, the fluid fed thus moves the pump. Also must do deep research before buying water pump or any other electric gadget like computer speaker read reviews on saim deals before buying any electric item.

How an electric pump works

Remember that as shown in the image above, the blades are driving the fluids very strongly, there are different classes of rotors or impellers, which in the end makes the fluid pass very quickly from the entrance or admission, to its escape or exit. The objective of these impeller blades is that the water enters the center or the eye of the rotor causing the centrifugal force to be so strong due to the compression of the fluid, that this generates a pressure causing the fluid to flow out quickly and with great flow, being This the final purpose, is not only to pass fluid from one side to another, it is to save time and spend a lot of fluid, including sometimes raising that fluid or water from one part to another.

The Importance of Knowing the Operation of Water Pumps

That's how a Water Pump works. Understanding this process, it will be easier to choose the type of water pump you require, that is why the importance of knowing the operation of water pumps. Without this, we can buy an expensive motor pump, when what we needed was something simpler. Or for example, try to empty a pool contaminated with a pump that does not accept floating particles of any kind, cover it and damage it.

And since we know that it is not easy to buy a Moomba or an electric pump, it is best to continue learning a little more about this useful equipment. We invite you to review the following Guide so that you follow the correct steps and choose well:

Well Water Pump

Working Water Pump

We invite you to look at the different models that exist in the category of water pumps for wells. This type of water pump is a specialized electric pump for special applications such as drawing water from wells. Depending on their power, they can be used for shallow wells or large wells.

Submergible Water Pump

Working Motor Pump

For this, check the different models in the category of Submersible Water Pumps. The advantage of this type of pumps, is that they have a special housing that makes them antioxidants and anticorrosive, as they can remain submerged in the water. Another advantage is that they do not depend on the air pressure to drive the fluids, on the contrary, when they are submerged they can carry fluids at greater distances.

Wastewater Pump

water pump operation

For the purchase of this type of pump, check the Category Wastewater Pumps. This type of pumps is special to absorb considerable particles, that is to say, since they are wastewater, they contain dirty particles that can be of a certain diameter. These pumps depending on the model are not clogged with dirt, also they are submersible too.

We invite you to check the Category of Motorbikes and buy the best equipment. Remember that Moto bombs are very useful to use in places where you do not have access to an electrical connection, and you need, on the one hand, to finish very quickly and on the other, to have a very extensive autonomy of use.

 We fully trust that the choice you choose will be your total pleasure, we hope that this article has cleared your doubts completely about how a Water Pump works.

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