How to Study Effectively for Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject which is loved by most but there are few who hate to study the subject. There are no shortcuts to help you master chemistry overnight. To master chemistry, you have to study it in the right manner. Once you know how to spend your time while studying, then you can focus more on understanding the concepts. Topics like collision theory, thermodynamics and isomerism are few important chemistry topics which require a systematic study plan. In this article we will discuss how to study for chemistry in a better way.

Memorize the periodic table:

Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties and how substances react with each other. While studying chemistry one should know the atomic number and atomic mass of an element. The way you struggle when you forget any constant values while solving physics and mathematical problems, the same applies in Chemistry.

Use Flash Cards:

Use flashcards to memorize important points and formulas. One can go through these flash cards whenever they want like while going to school in a school bus or while coming back from school.  Students can also place these flashcards near to their study area so that they can go through it whenever they are feeling bored.

Chemistry Derivations:

Knowing the formulas is one thing and understanding it is another. Students should know how to derive a chemistry equation, knowing the derivation will help students to solve the questions easily. Sometimes derivations are directly asked in the examination. Third Law Of Thermodynamics, Ideal Gas Equation, Ideal Gas Equation and Ostwald's Dilution Law are important derivations of chemistry which are commonly asked in every chemistry exam.

Solve Previous year question papers and Sample Papers:

Solving previous year question papers and sample papers will help you to know about the types of questions asked in the examination. The marking scheme of the questions papers and difficulty level of the questions.

Follow the above tips and tricks to understand and score good marks in chemistry.

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